Dreading going to work on the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday?Here are three ways to get rid of anxiety at work

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The sixth day of the Chinese New Year, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, many office workers have anxiety, some will not want to go to work, afraid to go to work and other ideas.How to overcome anxiety, to do the following three points: one is to regulate the body, adapt to the rhythm of the work.After a week long holiday, the body’s biological clock was disrupted, whether busy with social activities, or at home, or go out to travel, the body followed us after 7 days of wandering, has been adapted to the rhythm of nine to five.Suddenly think of tomorrow to return to normal work and life, the brain will subconsciously produce resistance, this is a normal physiological reaction, do not have to make a fuss, is not a pathological, to face correctly.We first do is to regulate their body, get up in the morning, stretch, do a deep breath, appropriate exercise, eat a little light food, so that the spleen and stomach can be restored.At the same time try not to arrange entertainment, do not continue to stay up late, in accordance with the normal rhythm of their own work and rest time, the holiday body from the offset track pull back, be kind to their own body, the body will make a positive response, slowly relax.The body is the most honest, it will tell you the answer: I am ready.Second, set goals and inspire enthusiasm for work.Another reason for anxiety at work after a long vacation is confusion about the future and pressure from work and life.While we relax, we should also learn to pressure ourselves slowly and set a small goal for the New Year, one that we need to jump to reach.It gives us direction and guidance, diverts our attention and allows our body and rhythm to run with the direction, which is a magic trick.Hopefully, at the end of the year, you’ll look back and see if you’ve achieved what you set out to do at the beginning of the year. You’ll be energized by the joy and accomplishment of your success.Everyone is a striver, everyone is great, no matter you are now successful or not, even the Courier running, but also worthy of our respect.Everyone needs encouragement because we are all alone.Third, put a level mind, do the current work.The New Year began, we need to support the faith, but also need to take every step.Calm down. It’s the best way to get rid of anxiety.When a person lowers his head to work, he will ignore the haze of the sky, forget the temporary troubles.In fact, our life is by a series of ordinary and trivial, specific work and life connected, faith and persistence is this string of beads of color line.A wild flower is very humble, mountains and fields will let a person shock;A single drop of water is insignificant, but when combined, it can create a mighty force.But when we do what is in front of us, don’t ask about the future. As long as we relax our mind, we will clear away all other thoughts, lose unrealistic illusions, and no longer be entangled in temporary success or failure. We will find ourselves, walk out of the anxiety of work, and start a new life.