The Key To Learning And Creativity(1)

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IQ Tests Can't Measure It, But 'Cognitive Flexibility' (1) “cognitive elasticity” Is the Key To Learning And Creativity.(1) IQ is often a crucial driver of success, particularly in fields such as science, and weighs only as a crucial driver.innovation and technology. In fact, many people have an endless fascination with the IQ scores of famous people. But the truth is that some of the greatest achievements by our species have primarily relied on qualities such as creativity, imagination, Curiosity and Empathy.IQ is often cited as a key driver of success, especially in fields like science, invention and technology.In fact, many people are fascinated by celebrities’ IQ scores.But the truth is that some of our greatest achievements depend largely on the qualities of creativity, imagination, curiosity and empathy that our species possesses.Many of these traits are embedded in what scientists call “cognitive flexibility” – a skill that enables us to switch between different concepts, or to adapt behaviour to achieve goals in a novel or changing environment. It is essentially about learning to learn and being able to be flexible about the way you learn. This includes changing strategies for optimal decision-making. In our ongoing research, we are trying to work out how people can best boost their cognitive flexibility.Many of these qualities belong to what scientists call “cognitive resilience” — a skill that allows us to switch between concepts or, in fiction, adjust our behavior to meet goals in new or changing environments.It’s essentially about learning to learn and being flexible in the learning process.This involves constantly changing strategies to make the best decision.In our ongoing research, we are trying to figure out how to maximize their cognitive resilience.