Expectations are full!Changsha to open these pure new dish worth paying attention to

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“Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into the tu Su”, the New Year means hope and look forward to.For home buyers, a big hope in the year of the Tiger is to buy a good house with a better location and better quality at the right price.So, in the beginning of the year of the Tiger, Changsha will have what pure new dish will be the first to enter the city?We have made a special inventory: The construction and development Jiuzhou and Xi of the high-speed railway New City have been pre-sold. The project will be launched on February 13, with the construction area of 15#, 19# and 21# of 129-173㎡, and the blank will be delivered. The average price of reference is 12000 yuan/ping, and it is expected to be delivered on December 31, 2023.The project is located at the intersection of Changtuo Road and Pingyang South Road, Yuhua District, with a total construction area of about 320,000 square meters, consisting of 19 houses and 2 apartments. The residential plot ratio is about 2.8, which is a low density plate rarely seen in the high-speed railway New Town area.Products are 16-17 layers of pure board small high-rise, two ladder two households, equivalent to a family a special ladder.Each apartment has achieved the “N+1” space, with a hanging garden that can be flexibly transformed in the later stage, coupled with bay Windows and balconies, the actual occupancy rate is considerable.Meixi Lake phase ii of the Green city investment · Guiyu Yunfeng will be promoted 1#, 2#, 5# construction area of about 143 square meters, 180 square meters, 245 square meters high-rise, with decoration delivery, the price of about 19000 yuan/square.Located in the northwest corner of the intersection of Wutong Road and Yuelu Road, the project is developed by two outstanding students in the real estate industry, Greentown + investment, with a total area of 107,000 square meters and a total construction area of 680,000 square meters, including high-end residences, boutique apartments, creative offices and a super shopping center.The project is separated by the Provincial Women’s and Children’s School and Wutong Primary School. The intersection station of Subway Line 2 and Line 6 is planned.In addition, Vanke Peninsula International in Sifang Ping, the main urban area, will promote the 1#, 2# building floor of about 108 square meters, 125 square meters, 139 square meters, the blank price limit of 13,000 yuan/square meters, will be sold with decoration.The project is located in Shengli Village, Sifangping Street, Kaifu District, south of Jinfan Road, west of The Second Ring Road and north of Qifeng Road. It is the Plot 047 transferred in June 2020, with a total construction area of 65,200 square meters. It will be developed in two phases.The project is adjacent to Liuyang River, on the other side is Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Industrial Park, about 600 meters away from Simao Chong and Sifang Ping stations of Subway Line 3.In addition, sifang Ping primary school, Sifang Ping second primary school, city one guangya middle school and other educational resources surrounding, supporting relatively mature.In 2021, the total output value of large construction enterprises in Hunan Province to achieve rapid growth with certificate express delivery | 1.26 Changsha 3 plate approved high-speed railway South New Chinese pure plate improvement plate is about to open the first blank daily recognition of changsha 4 plates on January 27The last one in the Central piedmont is about to be added