I knew the weather! The day was warm as spring!But then it’s going to rain again…

2022-06-19 0 By

Yesterday’s high of 17.2 ° C was the warmest day since 2022.But the temperature is not high in the morning in most parts of Shanghai low temperature in 1~5℃ warm work do not slack off oh today’s weather
It’s sunny to cloudy today
There are more clouds at night
But still
Good weather for bathing, relaxation and travel
The wind is not strong, the northeast wind level 3~4 temperature at 7~15℃ cold in the morning and evening, warm day and night temperature difference is obvious clothes do not suddenly reduce too much oh weather trend
There will be no obvious cold air next week
The beginning of the week was rainy and slightly cool
Then the weather warmed up again
The rain will mainly fall from Monday afternoon to Tuesday while the temperature will drop slightly on Tuesday and the maximum temperature will drop to around 12 degrees Celsius from Wednesday as the weather improves and the temperature will rise further despite the warming
But don’t relax and keep warm
Keep an eye on the weather
Edit: Wu Baixin material: Shanghai early warning issued by Shanghai issued * reprinted please indicate from Shanghai Yangpu official wechat view number author: Shanghai Yangpu