Comments: “Unseal” do not relax prevention and epidemic prevention

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At present, the epidemic prevention and control work in Quanzhou city has entered the stage of dynamic elimination of social gatherings, and various localities have implemented differentiated epidemic prevention at different levels to restore the order of social production and life in an orderly manner.In recent days, many places have also met the conditions of unlocking areas to lift the lockdown control.And at the same time, the epidemic prevention and control headquarters notice at the same time stressed that unlock is not equal to remove the prevention and control measures, after sealing centralization unsealed, residents’ health management for seven days, the daily temperature self-test and health monitoring, not out of the village, do not go to public places, don’t go to personnel gathering place, and strictly in accordance with the requirements for the prevention and control of the current work, cooperate to carry out the corresponding control measures.Victory is dawning in epidemic prevention and control, and these achievements have not come easily.This is the result of the concerted efforts of the front-line epidemic prevention and control workers in the whole city. I have seen videos of Baymax collapsing on the front line in different wechat groups, which is heart-breaking and touching.Medical workers from Gutian County, Ningde City, said in an interview in Jinjiang, “We will not go back until the epidemic is destroyed”, which is admirable.It is also the result of the city’s active cooperation with the epidemic prevention and control measures, and the vast majority of citizens have made their own contributions to epidemic prevention and control in different ways.It should be said that thanks to the concerted efforts of the whole society, the success of epidemic prevention and control has been reported frequently.However, in the face of part of the region “unsealed” feeling very full of joy, but also must always keep sober.At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim and the task is still onerous, and the previous efforts may be lost if we make a mistake.On the one hand, the epidemic prevention and control situation in Quanzhou is improving, but the situation at home and abroad is still complex and severe, and there are still many uncertain factors in epidemic prevention and control.On the other hand, the omicron variant strain has strong transmission capacity and fast transmission speed, and the slight negligence of epidemic prevention and control may lead to new community transmission.There is no doubt that epidemic prevention and control cannot be relaxed for an instant. We must have a deep understanding of the complexity, arduousness and repeatability of the current epidemic prevention and control, and think of the problems as complicated and difficulties as bigger. Only then can we respond more calmly and take more precise and effective measures.There is no room for any slackening of containment — that is the mindset and attitude everyone should have right now.In action, but also to achieve “unseal” without defense, not complete victory will not stop the army.For front-line epidemic prevention and control workers, unsealing does not mean withdrawing the epidemic.We must not relax our defensive line of thinking. Only by keeping the epidemic prevention and control work on a regular basis can we consolidate the hard-won achievements in prevention and control.The more we see the dawn of victory, the more patient and resilient we must be. We must ensure that people’s normal work and life are smooth and orderly, and at the same time, we must ensure that control is robust and services are adequate.It is important to note that after a period of continuous fighting, will inevitably be part of the line workers exhausted condition, we must scientifically arrange work, giving them a chance to get the necessary break, at the same time, also make sure each one is still in the hold position working condition, be ShenZhongRuShi, not relax.For ordinary citizens, personal defense cannot be relaxed.Under the epidemic, everyone is a line of defense. We must continue to strengthen self-management, consciously shoulder our responsibilities, do our part well, and stay ready to help each other.In addition to all the requirements put forward by the headquarters of epidemic Prevention and control, we must do as much as possible: wear masks when going out and wash hands frequently when returning home;Do not go to places where there are many people. After some areas are unsealed, the flow of personnel will increase, and the personnel environment is complicated. If it is not necessary, try not to go to shopping malls, parks and other places with large flow of people.There will be plenty of opportunities for friends and family to get together, not at a time when the epidemic prevention and control efforts are still tight.We should never underestimate success until we have won a complete victory. The more critical the moment is for epidemic prevention and control, the more we must not relax our vigilance and be careless.Every member of society must persevere, tighten the tension, step by step and persevere.I am confident that as long as we unite as one and help each other, we will prevail over the epidemic and return to normal life at an early date.Source: Quanzhoutong client