Kuaishou punished fraud accounts of more than 660,000 Antarctic e-commerce companies to acquire baijia Good clothing

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Pinduoduo’s layout at the end extends to express delivery.Recently, Duoomai announced that it has realized system docking with santong Yida, Ji Rabbit, Post and other express delivery companies to get through the signing and receiving process, and introduced high subsidies to attract collection points to settle in.It is reported that after the Spring Festival, Duoomai released relevant advertising posters in many cities, the first collection points to use its system can enjoy four subsidies, including 3,000 yuan entry subsidy, package subsidy up to 500 yuan per day, free SMS and intelligent voice notification, as well as PDA and printer upon arrival.Kuaishou e-commerce will launch the “limit withdrawal” function for users who have not paid liquidated damages. Recently, Kuaishou e-commerce issued FAQ related to limit withdrawal for non-payment of liquidated damages.In order to reduce the violation rate of merchants and improve their awareness of compliance operation, kuaishou e-commerce will launch the “limit withdrawal” function in the near future according to the provisions of Item 9, Article 7.13 of General Rules of Kuaishou Small Shop, to limit the withdrawal of payment for goods of users who have not paid the penalty.The payment for goods in the balance of the wechat account/Alipay account/Anxin wallet/store opened by the illegal users on the platform will be restricted to withdraw, and the limit of withdrawal is the total amount of unpaid liquidated damages.Kuaishou has issued a notice on cracking down on fraudulent accounts (the first phase of 2022).The announcement shows that in January 2022, The Kuaishou community security and risk control team through the risk control identification model, pet fan fraud, private transaction fraud, counterfeiting fraud, skimming part-time fraud and other content and accounts for special governance, a total of 665,800 accounts punished.Including pet fans gift fraud 214,600 +, private transaction fraud 275,800 +, impersonation fraud 8,760 +, brush part-time fraud 166,600 +.At the same time, the Ministry of Justice cooperated with the police to crack down on 2 fraud cases and detained 12 people.Hershey China has terminated operations on its Tmall flagship store after a number of items in its JD.com store were reported to be out of stock.According to internal staff, Hershey has already withdrawn its counters and closed its stores offline in the Chinese market.Hershey (China) Investment Management Co., Ltd. was liquidated in November 2021, according to the Tianyan App.The company was established in April 2001, the legal representative is ROHIT GROVER, the registered capital of about $840 million, by the United States Hershey International LLC (Hershey International LLC) wholly-owned shares.Risk information shows that the company is associated with more than ten litigation cases, cases involving sales contract disputes, sales agency contract disputes.In addition, ROHIT GROVER is affiliated with two other companies, Hershey (Shanghai) Food Development Co., LTD and Hershey Commercial (Shanghai) Co., LTD.It is worth mentioning that Hershey (Shanghai) Food R&d Co., Ltd. has been liquidated in March 2021 and Hershey Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been cancelled in December 2021.According to chumchia information, on February 9th, baijia Fashion Co., LTD, an affiliated company of Baijia Fashion, underwent a change of industry and Commerce. TBH HONG KONG LIMITED, the original shareholder, withdrew and NanJi e-Commerce Co., LTD, a new shareholder, held 100% of the shares.At the same time, the company’s registered capital increased to about 432.6 million yuan.It is reported that hundred good is one of the brands owned by hundred good fashion Co., LTD., a large multinational clothing enterprise in South Korea, opened its first exclusive store in December 2004.In November last year, The company announced that it planned to acquire the brand and business of 100 good series of Korean women’s wear at the price of 500 million yuan.Recently, Li Jianbo, CEO of Yonghui Colorful Food, delivered a New Year’s speech, summarizing the achievements of 2021 and looking forward to the goals of 2022.In 2021, Yonghui color fresh food service over 10,000 customers, performance has also made a new round of leap improvement.Li Jianbo said that in 2022, Yonghui Color Food will continue to move forward and explore in the fresh B2B track, and focus more on the high-quality development of the enterprise in the future.According to tianyan information, Airbnb’s Chinese affiliate, Anbiying Network Co LTD, failed to accurately indicate the meaning of underlined prices and failed to prove that the marked prices were based on real evidence when promoting the company.Moreover, it failed to continuously publicize the business related license information in a prominent position on the home page of Airbnb APP, and was warned and fined 400,000 yuan by Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Supervision.Disney reported adjusted earnings of $1.06 per share for the fiscal first quarter 2022, versus consensus estimates of 63 cents.Revenue of $21.82 billion versus $20.91 billion consensus.Disney said its streaming service Disney + added nearly 12 million paid subscribers to 129.8 million at the end of the quarter, versus expectations of 125.1 million, and the service’s average revenue per user in the U.S. and Canada rose to $6.68 from $5.80 a year ago.Disney shares rose as much as 8% in after-hours trading after the results were released.It is reported that Vemetz Industry (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. formally submitted its prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on February 8, and intends to be listed on the main board.At present, Wemeizi main shu Ke and shu Ke baby two core brands.In the first three quarters of 2021, Wemetz’s revenue increased 14.8% to 1.23 billion yuan from 1.072 billion yuan in the same period of 2020.Gross margin further improved to 62.8% from 53.8% in 2019 and 58.1% in 2020.(IPO known)