More than 50 passengers were trapped in the snow, qingtongxia traffic police quickly rescue

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At 2:30 a.m. on The 17th, a sudden telephone ring broke the silence of the duty room of the traffic control brigade.”Police comrade, I am gansu zhuang lang to yinchuan ning D license plate of bus driver, now a car people trapped in the 109 national road, there are old people on the car, pregnant women, 3 years old or so children, a total of 50 people, quickly take us out!”Warning is command, time is life.Traffic brigade police quickly out of the police, rushed to the scene of the rescue.After a search, police found the trapped vehicle on the side of the road.After boarding the bus, the police carefully inquired about the physical condition of more than 50 passengers. After confirming that all passengers were safe, they learned the specific situation from the bus driver.Originally, the car from Gansu Zhuang Lang sent to Yinchuan, through Guyuan in the snow weather, the highway temporarily closed, vehicles can only drive into the national and provincial roads.The driver had to go from Guyuan to Tongxin, via Zhongning along the 109 national road to Yinchuan, but now the snowy road is slippery, and the large bus from 2 o ‘clock to 5 o ‘clock in the morning is prohibited, a car will be trapped on the national road, 13 hours did not eat.”Don’t be afraid, fasten your seat belts, stay in your seats, I will take you home!”In this way, the police car in front of the escort, the bus slowly following…..In order to let the hungry passengers eat a hot meal, the police will take the bus to xiaobo Longhai Street Maiira noodle restaurant, and contacted the owner to provide food for all passengers.At five o ‘clock in the morning, after everyone had had enough to eat and drink, the police escorted the bus to line 109, the national road to Yinchuan, and repeatedly told the driver to pay attention to safety.Police tips: In snowy days, the road is slippery and icy, which increases the traffic safety risk. Please control the speed when driving, drive carefully, maintain a safe distance between vehicles, and avoid sharp steering or emergency braking.Concentrate on driving on ice and snow road, drive at low speed and smoothly, do not parallel and overtake at will.When braking, take a point brake or down gear deceleration, when turning to decelerate to increase the turning radius, in case of deceleration in advance, avoid urgent direction, urgent step on the brake.When starting on the ice and snow surface, slowly refuel and lift the clutch, try to walk the rutted route, do not easily try to walk on the ice and snow covered, unknown road conditions, to ensure safe travel.Source: Ping an Qingtong Gorge