Chapter 780: Determination

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Chapter 780: Determination!This, listen to the voice of the beautiful childe sounded, tang three eyes of the line of sight is also followed by its completion.At this moment, in beauty childe’s eyes, in addition to a worry, there is more of a “powerless” helplessness, as if in silent telling: “the injustice of fate”.”Hum -” this moment, Tang three only feel, the depths of the heart that a “unwilling” like is completely lit up, he kept asking himself in the heart: “Why?Why is that?Till now, oneself still can’t control destiny?Can’t protect the most important person in your heart?!However, it happened that also in his excited “self-mockery” of the time, in his mind, suddenly like is across a lightning, as is “wake up” general, to bring him a new and different “solution”.Immediately, he quickly is to adjust the mood of the whole person, and then let his mind completely immersed in the inner body of the sea of Dan Tian.Because, he wants to make sure personally, just a flash of light, after all is correct.Soon, in his eyes of the line of sight, is to see, that Dan Tian place, sending out a variety of different colors of the nine demon god brand.Among them, the first two brands of the demon god are obviously more “eye-catching” than the other brands of the demon god.Because, in their two bodies, different from other those, but is to present a kind of “sun and moon”, mutual reflection of the feeling.”Yes, yes, that’s it, that’s them.”Tang three is a little bit can not control the excitement is mumbling.Then his whole consciousness returned to reality.At this moment, on his face, the original “sad” has disappeared, replaced by a very determined expression.He is serious and serious is to the side of the beautiful childe way: “I have no matter small beauty, I have decided, we can not go to the ancestral court, on the contrary, we must go according to the agreed time, otherwise the other party is afraid that we dare not go, is not six big demon emperor recognition?Don’t worry. I have an idea.””?!Dude, are you serious?Are you kidding me?!”And listen to tang three voice sounded, beautiful childe thought he was joking for the first time, but looked at him that pair of firm look but feel like not joking, can only be with a not quite sure tone of the way.”No, I am not, and I assure you it is true, and I would not trifle with you in such a matter, when both our lives are at stake.”Tang three seriously continue.”Well, are we really going?!”Listen to tang three voice continue to ring, the United States childe is also aware, according to tang three character, not sure of things, he is absolutely not to do, but, six big demon Emperor’s recognition, really can do it?At least she would never have had such confidence, but she trusted him, and she was sure he would not hurt her.Tang three nodded: “right, now still have a few days, if not urgent, I still have some things to prepare.””About three more days.”Beautiful childe replied.”Ok, then three days later, we set out directly, you these days, first with clansmen and teachers they arrange, let them as soon as possible is to start overseas migration, so that we can also be really no” worries “.”Ok, I know, I’ll go first.”Beauty childe part back, part of the body also emerged a “silver light.”Well, go ahead and be safe.Looking at the beauty of the childe’s body silver light gradually, tang three is also toward her waved a hand.Subsequently, “shoop” break air sound, beautiful childe the whole person instantly disappeared in situ.And this, tang three is far raised his head, looked to the gold valley outside the sky far away, mumbling is softly soliloquize way: “is not six big demon Emperor recognition?Hum, as long as I want to do things, there is no impossible, come on, let you see, belong to my strength is how much?!”(To be continued)