He taught Wang Meng, Fan Kexin and other four winter Olympic champions!

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Fan Kexin of China kisses the ice after their match in Beijing, Feb 13, 2018.China won the third place in the women’s 3000m relay final of the short track speed skating event at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games held at the Capital Stadium on Thursday.Xinhua News Agency reporter Li YiboTaken 13 at winter Olympic Games in Beijing in 3000 meters relay women’s short track speed skating from heilongjiang qitaihe fan can be new and teammates for the Chinese team won another gold precious bronze fan can be new kissed ice bid farewell to the Olympics fan can be a new field after the game by qitaihe cultivated athletes compete in the Olympics has been all over to February 19, zeroThe Chinese short track speed skating team contributed 12 out of the 21 gold MEDALS won by China at the Qitaihe Winter Olympic Games on Feb. 15.Xinhua News Agency (Ren Fengli photo) Speaking of “the town of champions of the Winter Olympics” and “the city of champions”, we have to speak of a coach: Meng Qingyu took the outdoor scene of qitaihe West Station on January 12.On December 6, 2021, qitaihe West Railway Station was officially put into operation. The symmetrical station looks like an ice knife (aerial photo).Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie JianfeiTaken Meng Qingyu he was known as the founder of qitaihe short track speed skating career and Portland in 1951, he was born in a worker’s family in Harbin in 1969 were assigned to qitaihe when his love from coal miners in 1972 in an ice skating games won 3 gold MEDALS for outstanding performance in the game he was transferred to qitaihe MPCSC as started skating coachForming speed skating team qitaihe new start from now writing Meng Qingyu in speed skating race when coal Meng Qingyu has a nickname called “Mang son” “Mang son” often refers to the bulls, with an unyielding and enterprising spirit of “Mang” was he to skating training Meng Qingyu the initial training location in a simple outdoor lighting stadium because there was no indoor ice rink near themWater ice on the ground to training during the day night in the stands next to the below Meng Qingyu forming speed skating team at the beginning of the working and living places without water the ice machine is to put a large iron Meng Qingyu sledge when tank a total of the low temperature of a ton of multiple risk and 40 degrees Celsius below zero to get up early in the morning every day watering the ice a watered down splashed water ice he almost became the iceman mengQingyu homemade caused a “self-made” Meng Qingyu from here will be skating from qitaihe hobby into the path of competitive sports in my spare time laid the foundation of the city of ice sports since 1985 as the game players in the country and the provinces and cities in heilongjiang province sports bureau achieved in qitaihe speed skating team provide indoor skating area Meng Qingyu start training with team members to HarbinIn 1987, Meng Qingyu proposed to change the training direction of the team from speed skating to short track speed skating, which was a new event. Some people felt uncertain.Opposition but his “son Mang” temper came up again always adhere to their own ideas since his disciples a series of achievements prove the decision guide qitaihe ice sports on a shining path to success for zhang jie world short track speed skating championships in 1991 file photo 1991 zhang jie and his teammates in the women’s short track speed skating world winter games 3On February 16, 2002, Yang Yang of China won the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating final at the 19th Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, realizing China’s breakthrough in gold MEDALS at the Winter Olympics.Wang Chunlu won bronze in the event.The picture shows Yang Yang on the podium.Wang Meng holds up the National flag to celebrate her victory after winning the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating race at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City February 15, 2006.Wang Meng won the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating gold medal in 44.345 seconds at the Turin Winter Olympics on Sunday, the first gold medal for Chinese delegation at this Winter Olympics.Wang Meng won a gold medal at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics and three more gold MEDALS at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics…10 short track speed skating world champion Yang Yang, wang meng from qitaihe towards world sun linlin, fan can be four new this champion is all juvenile Meng Qingyu disciple Meng Qingyu and wang meng in an interview, said he and wang meng coach for more than three years of mentoring relationship in all his attention on the training will rarely consider their own home is his sacrifice and dedication, qitaihe has created not short track speed skatingFortunately, Meng Qingyu died in a car accident on his way to the training venue in Harbin in August 2006. Meng Qingyu’s mobile phone and watch were damaged in a car accident in qitaihe short-track speed skating champion stadium on February 13.Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Jianfei 2013 Qitaihe Sports center’s indoor ice rink into the use of three five-star red flag hanging a vibrant figure foot skates screaming from the ice this is the dream of Coach Meng his pursuit of tireless ice soul, dream life to pay tribute to the coach Meng Qingyu!Source: Xinhuashefabu1 Reporter: Xie Jianfei, Yang Siqi