Khloe Kardashian has praised kanye West’s new love for kissing his girlfriend, who is 13 years younger than kanye West

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American rapper kanye west and reality star Kim kardashian haven’t finished the divorce procedures, but their love has been in full swing, if Kim kardashian is immersed in a and 13 years old boyfriend, Peter Davis love comedy star, big talker and 13 years old girlfriend Julia fox “romance”, like in the theatre,It’s getting more and more exaggerated.Kanye west’s latest move in his relationship was a 360-degree tongue-kissing moment with Julia At Paris Fashion Week.But piers Morgan shared the kiss on social media, writing, “These two are so awkward and disgusting,” according to the Sun.It was accompanied by a gag meme.Kanye West and Julia’s appearance in Paris is distinctly Gothic, especially when kanye west is wearing creepy contact lenses, while Julia walks behind kanye West in a dazzling red synthetic dress that gives her the look of a bodyguard from the future.The pair have only been dating for two weeks, but west Reportedly spent a lot of money on her new girlfriend the second time they met, as she bought her tons of new clothes to keep her happy.Julia says she’s not greedy for possessions. In fact, she’s a control freak herself and has always been used to being everyone’s guardian, and being taken care of is a strange experience for her, she says. ‘I think I deserve it, to be honest.’In addition to showing off his love for his new girlfriend, Kanye Called Out Kim kardashian’s new boyfriend in his new song, saying he was going to “kick Pete Davis’s ass,” and causing Pitt a lot of trouble by spreading the word that He has AIDS.Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Brad Pitt, on the other hand, has been much quieter.While attending Paris Hilton’s wedding together, Kim Kardashian hinted that she wanted to marry Pitt, asking the Heiress to deliberately throw her a bouquet.Khloe Kardashian may have had a baby, but she hasn’t stopped paying attention to her sisters.Khloe says she was surprised and then happy to find out her sister and Pitt were dating, as she loves brad’s calm, down-to-earth attitude and can tell she’s happier than ever.Kim Kardashian was married to Damon Thomas when she was 19 for four years.In 2011, she married Chris Humphries, 72 days;She married Kanye West in 2014.Photo source: theSun, BING Editor: Shan Shan