Nanyang has invested 100 billion yuan to build a national comprehensive transportation hub

2022-06-21 0 By

It is understood that during the 14th Five-year Plan period, Nanyang city will invest 102.258 billion yuan to coordinate the integrated development of railway, public water and air to build a national comprehensive transportation hub.This year, nanyang transportation infrastructure construction plans to complete investment of 15 billion yuan.In the next step, nanyang will carry out a number of major transportation construction projects, including the South (Yang) Xin (Yang) And Fertilizer high-speed railway, the relocation of Nanyang Airport and the reconstruction and expansion of Jiangying Airport, three railway and aviation construction projects.Zheng west (of) (state) highway civil rights (pool) in nanyang section, xi resembles (sichuan) expressway in nanyang section, coke (for) in nanyang section (river) highway, south tang (Yang) deng (state) highway 4 highway construction projects, nanyang to duck river area, Alfred chuang work area, sheqi three fast channel construction projects and Tang He Saturday, baihe shipping engineering etc.