New Year figure a festival!Each of these four hot cars is amazing

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This is probably the professor’s most popular article of the year.The Spring Festival is the most important and grandest festival in a year for Chinese people. People will buy New Year goods and visit relatives and friends, and all the scenes related to the Spring Festival will have red elements.For example, couplets, paper-cuts, lanterns, and even website pages and TV programs are all bright red.In traditional Chinese culture, red represents auspiciousness, joy and jubilation, as well as loyalty, courage and controversy.So why are there so few red cars on the streets?In fact, there are many reasons for this. First of all, red car paint needs to spend more cost and effort than ordinary color to bring out good visual effects. Most of the cars running on the road in China are relatively cheap cars, so it is not appropriate to spend too much cost on car paint.On the other hand, the maintenance cost of ordinary red car paint is also slightly higher. If you do not pay attention to it, hair lines and sun lines will be more obvious than white and silver car paint. After a long time of brightness decline, red really will have a poor look and feel.Because of this, red car paint has become a minority of existence, and red color is too striking, which is also difficult to accept for Chinese people who are relatively introverted. These reasons also contribute to the poor warranty rate of red car models in ordinary car models.The professor sold a red Toyota Reiz last year for $5,000 less than a white or black car in the same condition.Why does it sound like the professor is trying to dissuade people from buying red cars?Not so, if we love red, it is necessary to carefully select models, many brands of models red is the main color, in this case, their car paint process, formula and other aspects will be more exquisite, the effect will be very good, after all, red Ferrari who does not love?Next, the professor will recommend several brands that are good at using red body. You can choose one to celebrate the Spring Festival.Friends familiar with Mazda brand must know that Mazda is one of the few common brands to take red as the main color of the brand, all its models provide red body color for consumers to choose.At present, Mazda’s red is mainly soul red and crystal soul red two kinds, are more visual impact than other brand red models at the same price.The reason is Mazda soul red than the general red car paint process is more complex, generally speaking, the traditional paint layer structure is divided into electrophoresis layer, coating, paint and varnish layer.Mazda in order to make their main color more competitive, the use of a more complex process and structure, such as the middle coating and color paint layer, in the transparent layer between the addition of high color pigments, and the soul red transparent layer chroma slightly lower than the color paint layer.So this operation increases the layers of soul red, the most external and 2k varnish layer to enhance the texture, looking more transparent and shiny.As for the specific choice of models, we can decide according to their own needs, Mazda domestic sales models are relatively rich, compact cars, medium-sized cars, small SUV, compact SUV, including medium and large SUV, if you prefer red, then Mazda’s “red price ratio” is really good.Red is the favorite color of Chinese people during the Spring Festival. In the automobile industry, Italian brands are definitely the most fond of red and are also the most good at using red.Famous Italian carmakers such as Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, as well as ducati, are keen to adopt red bodies.Although the brand positioning of Alfa romeo is not as high as Ferrari, it is also known as “the mother of Ferrari”, and is the common Ferrari in many people’s hearts.From 147, Guilietta, Duetto Spider, 4C, 8C to Giulia and Stelvio now available in China, Alfa Romeo has created many red classics.Now everyone at home can be normal to the choose and buy of alfa romeo models mainly is Giulia and Stelvio, they all provide a rich body color optional, there are three in red, alpha red, racing, and monza is red, the alpha red is most bright beautiful, bright, racing red and monza red color is deeper, more show composed and murderous look.Although alfa Romeo mentioned above can be regarded as the mother of Ferrari from the perspective of its brand history, the actual brand height level and Ferrari are completely two dimensions.And the red of Ferrari brand, also can say “authentic of Italian brand”.Enzo Ferrari, the brand’s founder, once said: “Ask a child to draw a car, and of course he will draw it red.”The obsession with red has been embedded in the brand’s DNA since its birth, and now it even extends to the point that when it comes to red sports cars, the first thing people think of is Ferrari.Ferrari also fully uses red to the extreme. First of all, red is the symbol of Ferrari F1 team and the representative color of Italy in international racing history.At the same time, red is also the favorite color of Ferrari users. In the 1990s, 85% of Ferrari cars were red, and even now, the proportion of red Ferrari cars has reached 40%, accounting for “half of the country”.It should be noted that ferrari red is not one of the most influential, and Rosso Corsa is the most influential. The proper translation should be called “racing red”, and many fans will also call the color change “Ferrari red”.The Ferrari 288 GTO only offers Rosso Corsa, which Is the color most representative of Ferrari, according to Ferrari product marketing director Yatai Layer.Professor: If you don’t know what color to choose for a Ferrari, you can’t go wrong with Rosso Corsa.In addition to Rosso Corsa, Ferrari also offers a variety of other reds, such as Rosso Scuderia (Ferrari team red), which is lighter than the Rsso Corsa, and Rosso Mugello (Mugello red), which is darker.Others include Rosso Dino (Ferrari Dino red), Rosso Fiorano (Fiorano red), Rosso Monza (Monza red), Rosso Formula 1 2007 (2007 F1 red), Rosso Fuoco (Fiery red) and RossoBerlinetta.In fact, Ferrari has been continuously developing a variety of new red, such as the Rosso 70 Anni created to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, and the customized red Rosso Portofino launched with Portofino.Of course, for ferrari, its red varieties can be unlimited. As long as you want, Ferrari Maranello Tailor Made allows you to customize colors as you want.Ferrari may be too far out of reach, but consider ducati, the ferrari of the two-wheel world.Compared with Ferrari, Ducati price is too close to the people, in fact, careful consideration, Ducati some car prices even more than Honda DreamWing.The same Italian brand, the same Italian passion, and like Ferrari, red is ducati’s brand and team color, and its commercially available cars are also available in red.And ducati’s passion is not limited to color. The power and handling of the V2 and V4 cars are very explosive, and the engine is very explosive, like a horse between your legs, which can give you as much pleasure as a Ferrari.Of course, ducati heat is also an “important means” to express enthusiasm, but this is almost all large displacement motorcycle can not avoid the problem, winter is a small stove, summer is a mobile sauna.Ducati attaches great importance to the Chinese market in terms of vehicle model selection.Diavel, Hypermotard, Scarambler, Monster, Streetfighter, Panigale, Supersport and even the top-tier Superleggera V4 have all been introduced,Perfect coverage of the retro, streetcar, pull, super sports car, cruise and other models in the field.The Scrambler series is the vintage streetcar for professor shopping advice;Young guys who like sports cars can choose Panigale V2 or V4;If you want to be a hot-blooded street bully, the new Monster is the one to beat.Overall, ducati is competitive in most of its models, with no weaknesses in power, electric controls or brand value in its class.The only thing that makes a lot of consumers hesitate is the relatively high post-production cost, but you can “change it for repair”…Conclusion: It can be seen that red on cars is definitely a “bold” color, so it mostly appears in luxury brands and sports car brands.Of course, Red is not the exclusive color of these brands. For example, BMW brands also have many classics in Red, such as Crimson Red, Indianapolis Red, Flamenco Red, Imora Red.Self-owned brands such as Lynk and Mg also have a lot of red cars. With the progress of the overall process and technology of the automobile industry, many affordable models will also have a variety of colors to choose from, and the effect is also great.Therefore, I recommend four red brands to you today. In the increasingly young automobile consumption market, young people are increasingly pursuing individuality. I hope that in the future, professor’s fans can choose the color of the car body according to their own aesthetic appreciation and love, without too much concern.Finally, I wish you all the best in the New Year.