Tianmu Tech+ has approved three domestic COVID-19 vaccines for clinical trial mRNA vaccines to accelerate industrialization

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Domestic mRNA vaccine is accelerating the industrialization process.Recently, the State Medical Products Administration (SDA) announced the approval of three domestic COVID-19 vaccines for clinical trials, which were developed by Consino Bio, Sinopac China Bio and Shifang Group. Two of them are mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.The mRNA vaccine is one of the different routes that scientists around the world have developed since the outbreak to combat novel Coronavirus vaccines.In April 2021, at the 2021 National Conference on Vaccines and Health, Academician Gao Fu called for “attention to mRNA vaccine, which provides infinite thinking for mankind”.The key to a vaccine’s effectiveness is the expression of an antigen (a substance that causes the production of antibodies).The mRNA vaccine is the introduction of the mRNA transcribed in vitro into the human body. It can induce cells to produce antigens, namely the S protein on the surface of the Novel Coronavirus. When the immune system recognizes this special protein, it will recognize and attack it, thereby preventing disease.Compared with traditional vaccine technology, mRNA vaccine has obvious advantages in research and development process and production cycle.One of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines approved for clinical trials is SYS6006, developed by Shiyao.According to the official website of Shiyao Group, SYS6006 is designed with specific antigenic mutations based on the prevalence of the virus strain.Preclinical studies showed that SYS6006 had good immunoprotection against the current mainstream mutant strains including Omicron and Delta.Immunological protection is provided by humoral immunity and cellular immunity, and memory B cells can be produced to provide long-term protection.In addition, preclinical safety evaluation data also fully demonstrated the safety of the product.The image is from Concino Bio and the other mRNA vaccine is from Concino Bio.According to concino Bio, preclinical studies have shown that the mRNA vaccine can induce high-titer-neutralizing antibodies against a variety of important variants identified by the World Health Organization (WHO), including the current circulating strain Omicron, with a stronger broad-spectrum and more effective protection against infection with existing variants.In the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 vaccine based on mRNA technology has attracted much attention as a new vaccine, and the three giants of Moderna, BioNTech and CureVac have been formed in foreign countries.At present, the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine jointly developed by Yunnan Vespon bio-technology and Suzhou Abbot Bio-technology is leading the way in China.On July 23, 2020, the research was published in the international journal Cell.This is the first high-temperature resistant mRNA vaccine against COVID-19 that China has independently developed.According to the announcement of investor relations record form disclosed by Watson Biology, at present, the vaccine is in phase III clinical trial. The domestic phase III clinical trial is undergoing data collation and continuous serum testing, and the international multi-center phase III clinical trial has made stage progress.In addition, the vaccine approved to enter the clinical trial stage by Sinopac China Bio is the second-generation recombinant protein NOVEL coronavirus vaccine.The vaccine was developed by the Institute of Chinese Medicine and Biotechnology/National Engineering Research Center for Novel Vaccines, with independent intellectual property rights.According to China Biology, the second-generation recombinant COVID-19 vaccine (NVSI-06-08) is based on the independently established computational structure vaccinology technology platform. Based on the first-generation recombinant COVID-19 vaccine (NVSI-06-07), the evolution law of mutation sites and immune escape ability of epidemic strains are calculated and analyzed.Design and development of the second generation of broad-spectrum COVID-19 vaccine (mutant integrated trimerization RBD).By the end of 2021, Sinophem China Biologics has coordinated the research and development institute of China Institute of Biological Sciences, lanzhou Institute of Biological Products and Beijing Institute of Biological Products, and completed the technology transfer.Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products, Beijing Institute of Biological products have built GMP production workshops, with continuous production capacity.China Bio announced that it has completed production of 80 million doses of vaccine and overseas supply of more than 20 million doses, which can meet domestic and international demand.