Liu Haocun brings his mother out?Chen He plays big?Wu Jing to Hollywood?

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1. Did Liu Haocun bring his mother out?Although she works one after another and has to contract the entire screen, Liu haocun has always suffered from a lack of basic exposure, so no matter how many projects she makes, she is still an unrecognizable newcomer to the general public.But for companies trying to get her to record variety’s advice, she is some scoffed at, think with their prospective winner qian chun wan your identity shouldn’t variety with those cat three dog four artists in the mixed, so her side can cooperate and accept is the party ShangYan marketing and rainbow fart, but combined with the status quo, her team really has not been moving to blow,Therefore, liu Haocun now wants to encourage the team to take her mother out, after all, her mother is also a local so-called literary and artistic worker, is equipped with the corresponding packaging hardware, and this can be more than one arrow carving, on the one hand, her mother can imitate Yang Di mother variety show more, for her to increase the effective exposure;Once her mother to form individual IP on the other hand, it can also bring goods to create income, after that she has a fan also can appear a help her cut chives agent directly, but Liu Haocun team at present, there is no confidence for the plan seems, so estimate further more they communicate with Liu Haocun details can implement finally.Although Liu Haocun purple microstar every day of marketing, the industry also said she is what deer department beauty, but do not know why, uncle always feel her current trend is not like what next station Gong Li, but with that year’s crazy cool model some similar, but she is a little ugly, no fans.1. 2. Smart refrigeratorChen He basic zha activity, now are busy doing their sideline, his film and television, business is a line of quotation price, some business price beyond a line directly, obviously is a pair of trolls – willing to take the bait point of view, he is really don’t care about at first sight, also do not have what ambition that award as best actor ah of what, and who is out of money, he will play,And the pay of the cast must be clearly arranged.As for why someone because of emotional problems, but also active in the fish music circle, after all, like his degree, is now basically out of the fish music circle punishment.He is now half capital, which is also the source of support for his happiness. He will not be banned, regardless of public opinion, directly silent whitewashing, the team is really a cow’s skin.Deng Chao and Lu Han, who play with him, don’t just wear a pair of pants when they play together. Besides, how much of what is displayed in front of the audience is not a show.3. Will Wu Jing make it to Hollywood?Wu jing is currently in talks about a big film, Megalodon 2, which will be very expensive both in terms of investment and production, and it will help him expand into foreign countries.Wu Jing’s career has been very good in the past two years. As long as the films he participated in were sold well, there were many variety shows that wanted to invite him, but most of them were rejected.Wu Jing said he can come to this step today is because of Xie Nan Wang Fu, he often kua Xie Nan outside, as long as a free couple will stay together.He and Xie Nan get along mode is very special, don’t look at Beijing elder brother is very straight, but he is very careful, work every day, and Xie Nan will report.Net red before in order to rub his heat, but also to knock on the hotel door of The elder brother Beijing.Wu Jing has a lot of resources and contacts in the theme music, some artists in the circle want to profit from him, even Xie Nan has been hinted by his friends.Wu Jing hates to go through the back door and so on very much, he meets in the cast the entertainer that does not have artistic virtue to be able to scold directly, the cast person is quite afraid of him.4. Ahn’s husband arrested?Years ago the last melon came, an Yixuan husband arrested!In fact, the news came out the night before yesterday, until JF made a notice to officially confirm that Chen Ronglian was arrested as an important participant in the Sun City Ximihua case.Actually had to wash the rice to China in the little black house soon, online there are rumours that JF was coming from his mouth “member list”, once led to the comment in succession, four too is but finally caught is Ann’s husband, but it is not without warning and at the end of last year, the Internet also has Ann husband’s alleged illegal casinos,Involving up to 3 e, also implicated in wu peici boyfriend xiao-bo ji (so after Chen Ronglian in today, eat the melon netizens are squatting xiao-bo ji can continue to escape, also regrets wu peici is a wise man, although t squeeze into the club has always been a joke, but not the little red book as, she is exempt from the trouble back at home).Ann after married, is also love flaunt wealth of affection, but each time to great catastrophe in front, she is also a member of the very positive contributions, so she was in a state of half a circle back, but the circle’s reputation has been very loud, eat the melon net friend also didn’t less regrets her course, married a good husband, especially a while ago big S wang divorce,An Yixuan in order to exultation, but also made a wave of pull on the divorced couple’s love marketing.The result is that people calculate not as good as day calculate, rely on illegal profit suddenly rich rich family, once the truth is grilled, is a ground chicken hair.Now An Yixuan refused to answer the phone, the agency also to this is a private artist not to respond…The grandeur of her family may be a thing of the past.5. Yu Shuxin fancy Shopping hot search?YuShuXin team is special messenger stares at the network trend, as long as there is nothing happens, the first time out, and now the hot search, as everybody knows, the basic relatively rigid boring (interesting really is just a few), YuShuXin team here now set, try to fit the whole out silly cute, funny, this category.This is really thanks to the netizens who contributed a lot of inspiration to the team.There is a problem, the small Biao bei often ask, powder artist can see their own efforts, goose, frankly, now the younger generation of artists, basically like the Internet search his name, and then to find related news, but a piece of fan, very few people really look, more is staring at their number is the main interactive staff (the head, leading don’t code table).That’s true, of course, and there are plenty of artists who want to be close to their fans.6. Bai Yunni co-stars with Jade Gate?If there is no accident, “West out of Jade” is Bai Yu and Ni Ni, the current drama side tentative is two actors, they moved out behind the schedule ready to enter the group.Ni Ni likes bodybuilding very much in private, of course, people eat less, every meal is so little, she is particularly strict with her figure requirements, weight floating is based on “two” as a unit.For Bai Yu, there is no shortage of books in his hand. The team often takes the initiative to find some producers for dinner, and will take the initiative to attack when encountering good resources.Noon that is raising a new project, he tried, but noon that Bai Yu is not suitable for the role, he refused.This project is likely to be given to Wang Kai. Wang Kai has been in contact with him recently, and he is very interested in him at noon.Ni Ni is particularly popular in the circle, especially ji circle, light since debut after her girls are not counted, she does not exclude girls, and Well Boran is also because of some reasons together.After breaking up, they still play video games occasionally. She has a good personality.Ordinary fun is shopping, brands will send clothes to her.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to baifen star entertainment, Yu More MCN