Warm yao Mountain with family support teaching, Maoming teacher couple perfect interpretation of “mountain and sea love”

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This article is transferred from: New Express news new express news across the mountains and seas, love to support teaching.Che Huangzhen and Su Huiqing are teachers at No. 11 Middle School in Maoming.In September 2021, the couple actively responded to the call of Maoming — Guest education cooperation, successfully took over the baton of education cooperation, and took their son, who is in grade one of primary school, to Jinxiu with his family across thousands of miles to support teaching, perfect performance of the “mountain and sea love” of volunteer teaching.According to the teaching needs of Jinxiu, Che Huangzhen was arranged to jinxiu Zhongliang Central Primary school as a music teacher, Su Huiqing was arranged to Jinxiu Zhongliang Middle school as a math teacher, his son is studying in Zhongliang Central Primary school.During the volunteer teaching period, they bring the advanced education and teaching ideas of Maoming to the volunteer teaching schools, drive local teachers to innovate their teaching ideas and modes, help yaoshan students enrich their learning content and improve their learning efficiency, and constantly improve the local education and teaching level.”The teachers and students in Jinxiu are very honest and diligent. The leaders are very concerned about us, the colleagues are very warm, and the students are very polite. The three of us feel comfortable working and living here.We will do our best to contribute our strength to the maoming – Laibin education cooperation.”Volunteer teaching for half a year, Car Huangzhen and Su Huiqing couple feeling a lot.The teachers of Zhongliang also said that the arrival of Che Huangzhen and Su Huiqing teachers has effectively made up for the vacancy of teachers in the school. Their rich teaching experience and profound teaching foundation are deeply loved by the students, and the teachers of the school have learned a lot from them.In fact, this is only an epitome of the deepening educational cooperation between Maoming and Laibin. They have carried out the sacred mission of teaching and educating people with practical actions, injecting fresh vitality into the development of education in Dayaoshan.It is reported that in 2021, Maoming city sent a total of 35 excellent backbone teachers to jinxiu for teaching exchanges. With their love for education and care for yaoshan students, they bid farewell to their families and came to Jinxiu thousands of miles away to actively contribute to jinxiu’s education.Collect and write: New express reporter Pan Zhizhen correspondent Luo Qianda